Bob Braden


Bob grew up in Palm Harbor, Fl. His tattoo artwork deals in very bold and bright colors as well as smooth black and gray realistic Tattoo art. The styles he studies range from realism tattoos, Japanese tattoos, floral tattoos to New School Tattooing. Bob’s artistic influences were sparked in high school by being involved in custom pinstriping and airbrushing. He pursued his love of the Hotrod tattoo culture and was involved in local car clubs based in the Tampa Bay area. While recovering from a terrible back injury, he went on to pursue tattooing in 2006. After Bob’s construction accident, he confesses that, “Tattooing saved my life”. Tattooing gave him an opportunity to pursue his love of art and allowing him to work in an industry that uses his natural talents to provide for his family. Bob is known to freehand many of his tattoos by drawing it on with a marker and creating a true custom tattoo. He is always painting tattoo style subject matter and looking to expand his style. A true versatile artist, Bob can pretty much cover all styles of tattoo artwork. His passion for the Tattoo industry shows in his work and he is always ready for the next artistic challenge presented. Check out his most current work on instagram

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