January 2023

 Monthly Newsletter
We are excited to be launching our Monthly Newsletter, so you can stay up to speed on everything Legendary! This Newsletter won’t only highlight what we are up to, but we invite local businesses to drop us a note if they have anything exciting they’d like us to share. We hope you find the Legendary Newsletter helpful, informative and entertaining! – Mitch Teckman  

Legendary Tattoos News

We would like to welcome special guest artists, David Blank and Nicole Gangwer, to the Legendary Team!  
Black and Grey Rose Tattoo by David Blank  
David Blank from Minnesota David loves doing custom black and grey pieces and will be with us for the next few months. You can check out his work by clicking the link below.

Colorful Snake Tattoo by Nicole Gangwer 
Nicole Ganger from Ohio A Florida native, Nicole specializes in vibrant color style tattoos. She is down visiting family for the month, and will be with us until January 27th.  Check out her work in the link below.

Tattoo of the Month! 

November 30 

Check out this awesome Phoenix Tattoo by Legendary Artist Kaylee!The phoenix spirit animal symbolizes hope, rebirth, and transformation. The phoenix also has associations with several other symbols. All of these symbols represent different aspects of this mythical bird.The first symbol is fire. The phoenix can rise from the ashes, which represents the power of transformation. The second symbol is the sun. The phoenix is often seen as a solar symbol, representing rebirth and new beginnings. The third symbol is yin and yang.   

Printshop News

The team is growing and the shop is expanding! 
 Legendary Screen Printing and Embroidery Headquarters 
The search is on! We have been actively looking for an experienced Printer and Receptionist to join our Legendary Team. If you know anyone who might be interested, please pass the word along! Great opportunity to join a growing business

Print Job of the Month!

.LBC Print Job  
Print Job of the Month! Check out this job done for local business in Palm Harbor, LBC! If you haven’t been yet, you must go! Great place to grab a bite and drink, while listening to local music. Check them out at https://lbcpalmharbor.com/  

Now Offering Business Branding Packages!
Business Branding Packages for your team!  

A New Year calls for New Gear! We are now offering branding packages to get you the best deal for your crew! This is just one of three branding packages that are available. Call the shop at 727-940-3403 for more information and to get started! 

Did you know we have a Tattoo Inspired clothing line? Click the button below to learn more about it and read our story. 

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