Mitch Teckman


Mitch was inspired at a young age by his artistic mother, who exposed him to different mediums such as Wood burning, acrylic, oil, pastels, and clay. He then went on to draw comic book art with grade school friends that shared his appreciation for pen and ink drawing. Art has always provided an escape for him, a space that he explored as he grew up, first with pencil drawing and eventually with tattooing. He began tattooing in the summer of 2002. Each day brings a new artistic challenge, coupled with people’s life stories. For Mitch, tattooing is a therapeutic process, clients enter his shop seeking change provided by a tattoo: For some it may be closure and healing from the loss of a loved one, personal growth, and milestones in one’s life. He says it’s an honor to be a conduit by which those moments are permanently engraved on skin.

Tattoo Portfolio

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